In Tingle. I acknowledge the fleetingness of human tenderness.
It draws upon the curios nature of its spectators and showcase the museum as a whole, its own
living organism - dwarfed beneath the vastness of its surroundings along the Danube river.

It consists of two parts and makes the structure of the Museum Macura an integral player in its realization.
There is a video cast onto the facade of the building. Transforming part the architecture of the complex from an imposing structure into an organic plain.
The footage is temporal in its nature. It features a soft, nude female figure sleeping on a continuous 12 hour loop. 

 The intimacy brought forward in this projection is as commonplace as it is private.

The viewers/ or lack there-of will be privy to the vulnerability of another person on an overwhelming scale.

Opposite to the overbearing video-loop on the facade of the building,
I will show small drawings pricked into the inner wall of the building on long fragile pins. Giving them the entirety of space.
They will display out-of-context scatterings and flashes of human form.

Tingle. will describe the fleetingness of moments within human experience and invites visitors to return to their truest natures, namely that of beings who wish to inquire about the universal longing towards themselves and each others.